Monday, February 23, 2015

You are an alien with a dream

Imagine you are a member of an advanced species. Your ‘life’ on Earth is nothing more than a recreational dream or carnival ride. If you're paid a lot more, you could have had a planet to yourself, but you took the ‘budget’ option and had to share your planet with a few billion of your fellow aliens. Though you aren’t aware of your real life during the dream, after the dream, you will remember everything that happened. Speculate in how your dream life and your real world are linked. Maybe, after your  dream life, you want to go back for some reason. Is it for love, or for revenge? Perhaps you are a drone in your real life and in your dream you were a great warrior or adventurer. Perhaps you are driven back by a lust for power, or a search for a hidden revelation. Perhaps you see the secret of your life in that dream, something found and lost again.

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